I spent 2 days in October at the 4th Annual Digital Transformation Government Conference in Wellington. Since then I have been digesting the conversations I had with some attendees, which gave me an insight into their thoughts, goals and desired outcomes to understand what digital transformation meant to them. There were many technologies discussed and views that there are certain products which provide better outcomes.

Digital Transformation requires a few building blocks to be successful:

  1. What is your business outcome? This is the KEY and should be at the forefront of every discussion.
  1. Your roadmap should commence with the outcome / vision.  Have multiple milestones and challenge your thought process constantly.
  1. Consider and incorporate your personnel in the process, as we know you need their buy in. You may have the best of everything else but without buy in it will fail or be cumbersome at the least. It may be a well-used saying but it doesn’t change the truth of it, “your staff are your biggest asset”.
  1. What technologies are required to achieve the outcome? Private cloud, public cloud, on premise, hybrid. Outsourced, insourced…
  1. What processes are required?  These need to be reviewed and refined constantly as you progress through your roadmap.  As we know processes for process sake is a waste of time. But process with common sense is invaluable.


There are no hard or fast rules, the Digital Transformation you are wanting in your business comes from some measure of the points I raised (outcomes, roadmaps, staff, technology, processes). My conclusion is be open, flexible and adaptable to alterations along your transformation journey and you will be successful.