In the world we currently live in, disinfecting, sanitising and cleaning have all become a necessary part of everyday life. In the workplace, individuals have an important part to play in preventing the spread of COVID 19. Keeping a clean and hygienic workspace is something everyone can do to keep their colleagues and community safe.

As we hope to return to the office soon, we have enlisted the expertise of customer care agent Jasmine, to share her tips on how to keep your desk phone and workspace clean and hygienic to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

  1. Clean your desk phone weekly – Given the amount of contact your phone has with your face and hands, weekly cleaning helps ensure your desk phone is clean and hygienic.
  2. Use anti-bacterial wipes – Using anti-bacterial wipes ensures that any bacteria that you can’t see is removed.
  3. Focus on surfaces that are touched frequently – Buttons and mouthpieces are touched most often. Focus on these.
  4. Do not share phones or headsets – Being extra vigilant to make sure that desk phones and headsets aren’t shared is important to prevent viruses being passed on.
  5. Regularly sanitise hands – Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser at your desk and sanitize regularly.

In summary, regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, using anti-bacterial wipes and not sharing phones and headsets with colleagues are some little things that everyone can do in the workplace to keep each other safe and healthy.