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In a dynamic world, being scalable is essential, this is why Cogent has developed truly flexible Managed Services. Our outcome-based Managed Services are elastic and scalable, adapting to your business requirements as and when required. Cogent can create Managed Services a comprehensive range of services.

As opposed to just a Capex model with annual maintenance, Cogent can provide an offering to simplify your business investments in technology. An Opex with an end to end service and a guaranteed outcome.

Our offering is fully elastic and scalable. As your business is dynamic, our offering scales to match these changes without any complications or extraordinary costs and penalties. When business units are added on and or removed, the monthly fee changes as per the user extension pricing model.  Easily add and change features with our Managed Service solutions.  For example, we can easily add soft clients to your desktop and unified applications to the mobile devices etc.

All incidents and problems will be managed by Cogent Services with little or no input required from you, greatly reducing your required resourcing and technical skill sets.

Cogent will manage all incidents to resolution including those with 3rd party vendors. Should there be a fault (e.g. carrier) and there is an impact to your communications solution, Cogent’s Service Delivery team will liaise and manage the incident with the third party to resolution. Taking ownership of resolution, will greatly reduce the time to resolution and also the resources required to manage the incident.

Our Managed Services provide assurance against technology obsolescence.  Much like driving a new car out of the showroom, technology also becomes out-dated very quickly and it is difficult for many businesses to keep up.  Cogent keeps you ahead of the technology curve by continually investing in future technology and staying committed to an advanced technology roadmap. Our Team constantly reviews market trends and ensures we utilise market developments in order to make ourselves and ultimately our customers more competitive.

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