NEC has advised their popular “Univerge” SV8000 series phone systems will no longer be able to be expanded after 31 March 2018. This means that customers won’t be able to add additional licences for IP or SIP connections, for example. While Cogent customers will still enjoy our continued support and service, as well as extensive spare parts, our sales team will be in contact to discuss next steps for our customers, as NEC advises this is a preliminary “end of life” notice.

The systems will finally be classed “End of Life” from the end of 2018, meaning that NEC will no longer support the systems.

If you’re keen to upgrade your NEC SV8000 series system, contact Cogent.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the notice effective?
This is a preliminary notice of EOL to take effect from 31/03/2018.

Why is this notice being issued?
This notice is being issued to notify that the SV8000 series will no longer be available for expansion from the 31/03/2018.

Is the product still available for sale?
From the 31/03/2018 the SV8000 series will no longer be available for expansion sales.

Is this product still supported by NEC?
NEC will continue to support the SV8000 series during the Support Only phase.

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