Cogent is proud to announce that we have been re-appointed to the Security and Related Services (SRS) Panel.

The Department of Internal Affairs, the lead agency for government ICT, has unveiled its new ICT Security and Related Services panel.

The new open panel includes 40 service providers (pdf) across five service categories and “replaces and enhances” the previous panel, DIA said in a note on its website.

Specifically, the panel is a group of industry experts contracted to provide government agencies with ICT services and advice on a range of security and privacy practices.

DIA general manager Chris Webb said agencies today are operating in a security conscious environment.

“The new panel gives agencies greater flexibility in engaging with the security service provider community to help agencies better understand and reduce their risk profile,” he said.

Webb said the panel is open to allow it to be regularly updated through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process giving new service providers the opportunity to join the panel and existing providers to apply for additional categories.

Furthermore, the panel comes with additional benefits, including a new online portal, replacing the previous paper-based service catalogue, flexibility to complete an assignment spanning multiple service categories using services offered by one service provider, and improved supplier-to-lead agency reporting

Services available through the panel include:

InfoSec Risk Management & Assessment
InfoSec Security Governance and Strategy
InfoSec Assurance
Source Code, Application Review and Technical Testing
ICT Forensics, investigation and Security Incident Response

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