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Voice: SIP trunking (internet calling)

SIP Trunks offer significant cost-savings, with up to 90% savings on your current phone charges and free calls between offices.

The advantages of SIP Trunks include:

  • Free inter-branch calls worldwide (to other SIP Trunks)
  • Up to 90% savings on your current phone charges and line rentals
  • SIP Trunks can connect to your existing phone system – no change of handsets
  • Keep as many of your regular phone lines as you wish
  • Quality of Service (QoS) routing guarantees voice quality
  • Phone numbers from any city worldwide can be connected to your SIP Trunk – customers can call you on a local number without per minute charges
  • An unlimited number of phone numbers can be associated with your SIP Trunks
  • All staff can have individual direct dial numbers – even overseas direct dials

Note: Cogent doesn't support PSTN (copper) lines, and recommends analogue devices (e.g. fax machines, burglar alarms, EFTPOS machines) are upgraded to the latest IP-based technology. Talk to us about how to do this!

Managed Layer 3 IP WAN

Cogent provides IP WAN services which incorporate a number of service components to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional private networks.

Assured Forwarding provides the priority passage for critical inter-site data, while Cogent's monitoring provides real time alerts via email and or SMS in the event of service disruption. Data pools with gateway numbers and locations to suit provide cost savings and design flexibility.

Service Features:

  • A variety of physical circuit access options
  • Prioritised inter-site throughout for key applications, voice and video.
  • Low cost bandwidth pool to be shared amongst all sites.
  • Fully managed routers with replacement if they should fail due to technical fault or wear and tear.
  • Weekly reporting including statistics that can be extended to incorporate further monitoring of your network.
  • Email/SMS alerts if outage occurs with a tailored escalation policy.
  • Agile network development.
  • 24/7 network support
  • ExpressRoute (Azure) or Direct Connect (AWS) connections able to be added

Velocity Connect for SMBs

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