Cogent's on-premise IT support service


Cost effective

Simply pay a monthly subscription for your on-premise ICT support

Exceptional service

Cogent's technicians are highly skilled and trained

Regular, certain support

Easy Care means you regularly receive support

All included

Easy Care means support across all of your ICT - computers, printers, wi-fi, phones - anything you need help on!

EasyCare, Cogent's on-premise support for your business. Leverage Cogent's experienced technicians for a set time - every week / fortnight / month, whatever you need.

Testimonial: Pallet Supplies

"I would like to personally thank Cogent for the easy transition for our IT services. I have only received good reports from my team. Having a Cogent staff member on our site one day a week has worked well with our business and we see this as a huge benefit within the company. I can say in the short time, that you have been supplying Pallet Supplies, I’m confident we have made the right decision moving to Cogent. I look forward to a long successful business relationship with Cogent and appreciate the work done so far."

- Rob Vazey, General Manager, Pallet Supplies

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