Let Cogent help simplify your organisations purchasing.  We’ll take the hassle out of procurement and make sure you get the best deal. Every time.


Hardware & Software

Cogent has supplier agreements with all major hardware and software vendors.  We are committed to customer service excellence, and aim to get our customers the best deal. Every time.


Software licensing is complicated.  Let our knowledgeable team take the headache out of software licensing and provide you with solid advice around procurement of your software licenses.  From Microsoft to Adobe, Symantec to VMware licensing, Cogent can help.


For organisations with a preference to smooth out cashflow and pay monthly, Cogent can accommodate.  We can finance almost anything you purchase through us, and whether you’d like to pay monthly, quarterly or annually, we’ll try and accommodate your needs. Standard credit checks apply.


Cogent can help your organisation with Managed Print Services.  There are two components to this agreement: Hardware and Printing. Hardware can be purchased outright or leased.  Printing is calculated as a cost per page, each month simply invoiced for the # of pages printed.  You are only charged for the pages you print. So if you don’t print, there will be no bill.  Plus, you’ll never run out of ink, as we can track usage and pages and automatically send your cartridges so you never run out.


For customers with contracts (hardware or software) coming up for renewal, or for customers starting a new contract, Cogent can help with negotiations.  We can help negotiate not only pricing, but terms and conditions that can benefit your organisation.  We have great relationships with a broad number of vendors, and we can work on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.