Voice recording

Liquid Voice is one of the leading providers of interaction recording, quality management and analytics solutions.

Liquid Voice develops sophisticated, easy to use solutions that support faster, smarter and more streamlined enterprise performance using the latest CTI and IVR technologies that are fully integrated with interaction recording and business analytics tools. This generates positive business outcomes and transforms contact centre performance.

Read our Liquid Voice Speech Analytics for more information

Liquid Voice systems work in both traditional and IP environments and are tested and accredited by the world’s leading manufacturers of telephone systems. They include Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Skype for Business and NEC along with many other vendors

Cogent offers Liquid Voice exclusively to the New Zealand market. 

Liquid Voice Editions

The Liquid Voice application is available in three different versions: Capture, Analyse and Transform.  Functionality of all three versions can be extended via a number of optional add-on modules including Automated Speech Transcription, Screen recording, C-SAT, Event Reconstruction and more.

All versions support integration with other software systems and have the flexibility to be customised to suit specific customer needs.