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Firewall Managed Service

On-premise or cloud managed firewall as your first line of defence


Cloud changes the cyber security game. Are you ready?

Security Lifecycle Review

Do you know what's on your network? Security Lifecycle Reviews (SLR) tell you what's going where

Customer Support

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Cogent's comprehensive cyber-security services and solutions help protect your business and its valuable IP from hackers, malware, ransomware and other security threats.


Penetration Testing

Cogent’s penetration testing is hands-on, designed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an organisations infrastructure by performing a simulated attack externally.  Either as a one off or conducted regularly, penetration testing is an extremely valuable exercise to identify vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to detect with anti-virus.  Significantly reduce risk for your organisation and gain peace of mind.

Security Management

We pride in our unique skillset along with our award-winning technologies and tools to ensure that our customers are safe from attacks.  Cogent’s security management services enable your organisation to minimise risk on a day-to-day basis.  We can deploy and manage a security solution that will both provision and monitor your network to prevent attacks and mitigate immediately if an attack occurs.  We can work to integrate your existing security investments, or start afresh.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint devices such as laptops and mobile devices creates a potential entry point for security threats. At Cogent, we focus on prevention first then detection.   We can deploy and manage world class software and tools to ensure that your asset and network is secure in or out of the office.


We have solutions that were designed to assist our customers to meet their compliance level in different industries such retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and much more.  For example, PCI Compliance through which companies take credit card information over the phone are required to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  Cogent offers a modern recording system which can be used to automate PCI DSS compliance, helping to build levels of trust with current customers and gain new ones through the assurance that their credit card information is safe.

Firewall Managed Service

Cogent's Firewall Managed Service gives your business advanced threat protection from today's security threats. Cogent's experts in security management and our commitment to exceptional service keep your business protected, and in the event of a breach, put things right.

As with all Cogent's managed services, Cogent's Firewall Managed Service can offer you 24/7 New Zealand-based support.

Security Lifecycle Reviews (SLR)

Cogent offers a Security Lifecycle Review, offering a great way to get visibility of what is happening on your network, whilst highlighting if potential risks on your network that could affect your security.  We can give you a full understanding of which applications are being used, including any ‘shadow’ applications that may not have been authorised by the IT department.  You’ll be able to evaluate URL traffic, content types, and catalogues all potential threats on the network – known and unknown, and those linked to user behaviour.  Best of all, having Cogent conduct a SLR will give you recommendations for best dealing with the risks that are identified. 

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CCTV / IP Security Cameras

Cogent can provide the best in IP based camera/ CCTV technology for your business.  Intelligently record, playback and store high quality video streams, managed through an easy to use web or app interface.  We can securely store your footage in our datacentre, so that even if you are compromised there’s a record to protect you and your business. No need for expensive or potentially insecure tape solutions, back up to our cloud automatically.