Firewall Managed Service


Secure your network

Cogent's firewall managed service allows you to make your network more secure

24/7 service and support

Cogent's 24/7 service and support ensures you're always covered

Cloud ready

Moving to the cloud? Cogent's managed services are 100% cloud-ready

Block access to malicious or objectionable websites

Block access to malicious or objectionable websites, and report monthly on what's going on on your network.

Cogent's Firewall Managed Service gives your business advanced threat protection from today's security threats. Cogent's experts in security management and our commitment to exceptional service keep your business protected, and in the event of a breach, put things right.

As with all Cogent's managed services, Cogent's Firewall Managed Service can offer you 24/7 New Zealand-based support.