Cogent's digital mobile radio network

Cogent offers New Zealand customers a state of the art, robust, digital radio data network with GPS positioning technology and dispatch management software that links vehicle fleets to customer back-office business applications. Cogent provides a highly reliable and innovative network for our customers that demand truly open standard technology that is flexible and interoperable with a range of Tait and Hytera equipment and solutions.

One of the key design features of the Cogent’s Tait Tier 3 network is that the network is managed by a central control component called a Node Controller. This Node Controller automatically assigns available channels and minimises the traffic load between the various network sites. There is no single point of failure in the control of the communication system because if the Node Controller fails, another Node steps in and takes over. Additional to the highly resilient network design, the Tait DMR Tier 3 solution offers excellent customer enhancements such as various call types and user groups, from one-to-one calling, to group calling, to emergency call types. Customers can now have access to a radio platform that offers enhanced security at its core, supporting high-level encryption and user authentication, access control for devices and users and full logging of traffic and network access. As the network is digital, Cogent’s network can also provide GPS location and tracking services to customers so that they have full visibility of their people and assets out in the field.

Features and Benefits 

  • Emergency Call Priority- Ensure when a call is critical you have full network capability.
  • Automatic Site Access- As you travel our network seamlessly connects your call to the appropriate site.
  • Enhanced Call Security- Digital trunking technology ensures no overhearing of your calls.
  • Fully Redundant Network- Built for business with multiple layers of fail over, guarantees less downtime and high network uptime.
  • GPS Tracking Services- Have visibility of your people and assets in the field and utilise Cogent’s integrated mapping and reporting solution to provide enhanced Health & Safety.
  • Data Services- Leverage your Two-Way radio platform for text messaging and customisable data solutions, reducing costs and improve reliability of information.
  • Duress Emergency Alert- Field Staff feel safer knowing Cogent can provide duress alerts that provide voice links to staff and GPS location of a user.
  • Private and One-On-One Calling- Communicate sensitive information discreetly one-on-one.
  • Open Standards Network- Customers can choose which two-way radio terminals will best suit their workforce requirements.
  • Digital Voice Call Quality- Reduces and removes background noise and provides a more optimal voice communication experience.
  • Contact List- Quickly find the contact you need to call rather than scrolling through multiple lists.