Managed Networks

Cogent manages networks 24/7. Networks are the core of modern ICT. If your network is not performing, it’s costing you time and money – not to mention frustrating downtime.


Our monitoring will tell you whether your network devices are doing the job or not; if your network slows down for any reason, instant alerts enable you to take suitable action before serious problems occur.

Just like computers, network devices also frequently need security patches. All the vendors regularly release critical updates and feature packs for enhanced security and performance.

As part of our network maintenance solution, we ensure that your network devices are as safe and reliable as they can be.

Let us help you take a proactive approach and keep your network humming.


New demands of Mobility, BYOD, the Cloud and Virtualization are reshaping networks. There is more demand, more devices, more applications, more multimedia, and a dynamic and mobile workforce. All this innovation drives the need to review and improve the network. Cogent can provide Unified Access - efficient and powerful bandwidth on wired and wireless.  Exceptional performance from the core to the edge.  Increased WLAN coverage, high availability, and PoE+ to support an explosion of new IP enabled devices and wireless AP’s.

Cogent can help you with a complete network solution. Your network needs to be intelligent, with visibility and control of the users, devices and applications to automatically adapt in order to offer robust security and superior QoS to an ever changing environment.

Our partnerships with Alcatel Lucent, Aruba Networks and Huawei ensure our clients get the best possible end-to-end solution.

Wireless Networks redefined – Unified Access

Augmenting Ethernet and Wireless networks, content and user centric networks, providing high performance connectivity to your business or campus.  User based profiles and policies provide consistent user experiences and service quality with security for both Wired and Wireless Networks on any user operated device.

Management of the "Unified" Network is extremely simple from a single pane of glass. Set-up multi-tenancy, audit trails, customer portals and so much more... 

BYOD Enabling…

Device Provisioning (On-Boarding)

-          Self-Provisioning for Wired/Wireless Windows, iOS, Android devices

-          Simplified 802.1X deployment and configuration of silent devices

Advanced Guest Management

-          Guest self and sponsored registrations

-          Advanced customizable portal

Device Posture/Health Checks

-          Advanced security policy enforcement

-          Pre and post admission

Application Management

-          Control and security over corporate data/applications

-          Increased security for the mixed personal and corporate environment

Resilient Network Architecture with Performance and Scalability

Pod and Mesh architecture at the Core provides an exceptionally scalable and easily upgradable infrastructure with a low Total Cost of Ownership and start-up cost.  An essential component to the compelling TCO is the ability to grow the network as demand changes;

-          adding infrastructure that complements and forms part of the Pod and Mesh architecture

-          upgrading switching software during the product lifecycle to increase functionality and performance

-          licensing options to increase performance as required, i.e. license upgrade from 10G to 40G

Edge Switching that can be smarter.  Integrate the Edge with the Core, WLAN and managed as a single Network Management Platform.

-          Software-based licenses increases product lifecycle, performance and upgrade options

-          Switches for all requirements –options Layer 2, Layer 3, POE, Port &Uplink Speeds

-          Ruggedized Switching & Routing for heavy industry & transport applications

-          Integrate Edge Switching with Unified Access

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