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One number connects everything - mobile, laptop, tablet - allow your staff to communicate wherever they are

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Reduce your connectivity costs with voice over IP (the internet) - VoIP and SIP.

As a Service

Cogent's award-winning managed services give you flexibility


Boost your team's performance with a natively integrated Enghouse Interactive and Microsoft Teams contact centre

Cogent has over 25 years experience in the communications industry. If you are looking to create a connected and engaged organisation, we can provide you with unified communications on any device, over any network, creating seamless and ubiquitous communications and collaboration.

We partner with the best companies in the industry, including Mitel and Enghouse Interactive to create compelling and progressive solutions. All of this is available regardless of your carrier, infrastructure and networks.

Transform from a traditional PBX to a multi-party, multi-media and multi-device solution. Move seamlessly between these devices as required. Include customers and partners in your multi-media communications, without the complexity of federation downloading applications and plugins.


Mission-Critical: Real-time, high-quality, uninterrupted mission-critical voice communications. You don’t want to compromise when leading a group conversation with a key client!


Flexible: Evolve from your current voice and data infrastructure to a centrally managed multi-device and multimedia collaboration infrastructure, including HD video.


Subscription Based: Pay per User per month for the features you need.  We can scale up and down to meet your business changes.


Shift:  Smoothly Shift your conversation as you change devices or media, without losing it and without your audience even noticing. You are often on the move and you will want to use the media most appropriate to your conversation!


Your workforce, customers, partners and suppliers are distributed across locations and they’re mobile.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Your employees are younger, more connected and expecting BYOD.  Connect to customer, business partners and colleagues from the device of your choice.  We can help you create the perfect unified and ubiquitous communication system that can connect your business and promote collaboration.

Highly Effective and Collaborative Meetings

With Unified communications and collaboration technologies, colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers can spontaneously connect by audio or video and collaborate, sharing documents, desktop applications, videos and more.

People can join a meeting from anywhere: on-site, a remote or a home office, hotel room, on the road, wherever... they aren’t limited by a particular communications technology: they can use fixed or mobile technologies, computer-based audio or video, or other means.

Meeting attendants activate the media most appropriate for collaboration, such as a desktop PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone document sharing, video, or IM. Each person can add participants as the conversation evolves.

If participants need to move, they can switch devices — from a tablet in a hotel room to a mobile phone in a taxi, to a desktop PC when they reach the office — without leaving or disturbing the meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Partnering with Enghouse Interactive, our Microsoft Teams solution provides seamless back office support for oyur front line, increased efficiency to drive real performance gains and creates enhanced customer experiences.

The Communications Solution for Small & Medium Business

Cogent's Velocity Managed Services - pay per month for the Users and the Features you need. A feature-rich communications offering can be a simple telephony solution to replace your PABX or sophisticated unified communications.  You decide!





Cogent's solution has enable our teams to work from home with ease. Our staff across the country can continue serving our customers and meet their expectations without delay, in addition to keeping in conatact with our colleagues.

Max Dobson

Business Operations, West-Trak Equipment Ltd.

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