The Communications Transformation

Your workforce, customers, partners and suppliers are distributed across locations and they’re mobile.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Your employees are younger, more connected and expecting BYOD. Connect to customer, business partners and colleagues from the device of your choice. We can help you create the perfect unified and ubiquitous communication system that can connect your business and promote collaboration

Highly Effective and Collaborative Meetings…

With Unified communications and collaboration technologies, colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers can spontaneously connect by audio or video and collaborate, sharing documents, desktop applications, videos and more.

People can join a meeting from anywhere: on-site, a remote or a home office, hotel room, on the road, wherever…. They aren’t limited by a particular communications technology: they can use fixed or mobile technologies, computer-based audio or video, or other means.

Meeting attendants activate the media most appropriate for collaboration, such as a desktop PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone document sharing, video, or IM. Each person can add participants as the conversation evolves.

If participants need to move, they can switch devices — from a tablet in a hotel room to a mobile phone in a taxi, to a desktop PC when they reach the office — without leaving or disturbing the meeting.