Wifi isn’t secure – a new attack is now out in the wild.

There is a new attack that targets how the device and the access point negotiate a connecting. This can be exploited to decrypt traffic sent to and from the device. Note this doesn’t release the Wi-Fi key, so changing the Wi-Fi key isn’t going to help.

If you are using WPA2-TKIP instead of WPA2-AES Encryption, you can manipulate the traffic. This could mean that you send the device to another website you choose, instead of the one that they intend on going to.

The current attack for WPA2-AES is that another party can only decrypt data going to and from the Access Point to the device. But this attack is still in its infancy and could be updated in the future to have the same capability as the weaker TKIP standard.

To fix this vulnerability, software on both the device and the Access Point needs to be updated. Having a current support agreement with your wireless vendor for support is critical. The only current mitigation is to use SSL connections to everything, but even this isn’t guaranteed.

More Information can be found Below.

This is a good video, overview of the problem https://youtu.be/LCn-bgp9drE

This is a link to the published article including the CVE numbers https://www.krackattacks.com


802.1x Problems

This Still isn’t as bad as using 802.1x ( WPA2 Enterprises ) which sends the Username in plain text and the Password as a HASH, Most often this has is NTLM which has been broken for years now. If you can get both of these. You can Log onto the domain in most cases. This attach can be mitigated with certificates, but this is difficult to managed and with BYOD near impossible.

More Details about this attack


Don’t even get started on WEP.

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